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Spaced repetition - The Leitner/shoebox system

In the Leitner system for spaced repetition you have a series of boxes. Every card starts out in Box 1 and graduates up one box each time you get it right. If you get it wrong, it either goes back to the previous box or all the way back to Box 1 (depending on how much you want to punnish youself).

Each box corresponds to a certain amount of days until the next review. In this case: Box 1 → 3 days, Box 2 → 7 days, Box 3 → 14 days, Box 4 → 30 days, Box 5 → Retired.

You can modify it as you like. Use your prefered number of boxes and make the spaces fit your life.






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How to use

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING: Changing a card will reset the review-date. Correct typos carefully, ideally right after a review.


Create new cards

  1. Go to the ‘Term list’-view in the flashcard database
  2. Add a new row
  3. Fill out the ‘Term’, ‘Definition’ and ‘Topic’-properties.
  4. Select ‘Box 1’ under ‘Box’

Review your cards

  1. Go to the ‘Flashcards - Due’-view in the flashcard database
  2. Check the answer by checking the box
  3. Move your card to its next box before unchecking the check box
  4. Uncheck the check box. Your card is now hidden until it’s due again
  5. Repeat later ↺


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How to modify

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING: Modifying the box system can reset all review-dates in the database. Configure before use.


Change spacing periods

  1. Go to the ‘For editing’-view in the box database
  2. Change the ‘Number’ and ‘Time entity’-properties

Add/delete boxes

  1. Go to the ‘For editing’-view in the box database
  2. Add/delete the boxes as you wish
  3. Fill out the ‘Number’ and ‘Time entity’-properties
  4. Make sure the last box’s ‘Number’-property is 0, othervise you can’t retire cards or see your proficiency </aside>

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